What's factors should you consider when making your decision?

I wanted to write this as a guide to what I feel is some important factors to consider when picking your wedding photographer. Let's start at the beginning, so your partner has just got down on one knee and popped the big question. Now the real fun begins.... AAAAH I have to plan a wedding! Each couple will do this is many different ways. It can be determined by a number of factors but I think for a good majority of people money will be one of the key factors that determine how you plan your wedding. I hear so often from people that they HAVE to have certain things at their wedding, now I've never seen a book, documentary or anything that says what you must or must not have at your wedding but unfortunately trends, previous weddings you may have attended and social media often guide people into believing what they NEED at their wedding. So I guess what I'm trying to say is please don't be pressured into thinking you must have certain things because the reality is you really don't! However at this point I should add you really do NEED a photographer!

Price is key?

As I said before for many price will be a massive factor in which photographer they choose and while I obviously appreciate this is important, I personally advise all couples that it really shouldn't be the only reason you choose a photographer.

It's important to say at this point that all photographers have a style in which they take their photographs. What do I mean by style? it's the way that a photographer takes their pictures. Some will adopt a Boho style, some will use flash to create a certain image etc there really are a few different styles to each photographer. You should be able to see the photographers style clearly by looking through their website/ Facebook page. That raises another point which is worth pointing out that you should be able to easily access a photographers work through their website, along with reviews from previous couples who can give you first hand experience of the photographer.

One thing I insist on with any enquiry is that we meet face to face for a no obligation chat. Obviously as I write this I appreciate that this is incredibly hard at the minute due to lockdown restrictions, however when we are able to this is vital to the whole booking process. We live in a world where we do everything digitally and whilst it's great to be able to view photographs online it really is only part of the whole experience.

One thing to remember is that you will spend on average around 12hrs with your photographer on your wedding day, from Bridal prep in the morning right through to the first dance in the evening so it's imperative that you have a good relationship with them and feel comfortable around them. This is achieved by meeting the photographer and getting to know them before you book. Do they make you laugh? Are they thinking the same way as you? Are they giving you confidence that they know what they're doing? These are all questions that I feel cannot be answered via messages and need to be done Face to Face.

Another thing I think is important is that you meet more than one photographer. Now this may sound like I'm turning away business but it's actually quite the opposite. As I've explained earlier each person is different and what works for one will not work for another. I'm confident in what I do however I'm not arrogant enough to think that I will be everyones perfect photographer. So I actively encourage a couple to speak to other photographers and then I know if you come back to me then it's not been a rushed decision but a well thought out one.

What do I do next?

Hopefully this short blog has helped in your quest to find a photographer for your wedding and highlighted a few things that are important regarding this.

If you like what you have seen on my website and you would like to find out some more information and even have a face to face chat then please click on the button below where it will take you to the contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully photographing your special day.